Lecture and Discussion Sessions

What is safe driving, how and why do people die in car crashes, are males really 'born to drive', does our age and sex influence our susceptibility to injury and death and are the older more solid cars really safer in a crash than newer cars?

There are many intriguing and thought provoking questions associated with road safety and driving. In fact, road safety in many respects defies logic, what is quite rationally perceived to enhance safety, can actually compromises it - skills based driver training is a classic example.

Most people rate, reaction time, excellent vision and skill very highly in the overall equation of what constitutes a good driver. Yet the very people fitting this profile, including racecar drivers and young males represent our "most-at-risk" drivers.

This is no coincidence; there are sound reasons why people choose to do the things they do. Motivation more than skill is critical to our safety, we are all capable of driving at the speed limit, wearing a seat belt and not driving after the consumption of drugs or alcohol.

Choosing to do one thing, when we could in fact do another is what is critical to a driver's exposure on the roads. The focus of these sessions is to motivate drivers to choose a safe option on the roads, particularly in situations where a corresponding yet attractive risky alternative exists.