Discussion Group Mediation

Discussion groups have been widely acclaimed as the most cost effective and successful fleet safety process available. Yet in spite of their researched success they remain a largely untapped countermeasure within Australian fleets.

The process is arguably similar to that used in quality assurance. Most drivers are happy to discuss using their vehicle to either break the law, express anger and aggression or satisfy sensation seeking and/or competitive or risk taking urges. They are also happy to discuss the circumstances that led to a collision or near miss - albeit in a biased, and at times misguided interpretation of events.

The process then sets about determining what motivated the driver to accept such a risk, and what can be done in future to avoid this problem. At the conclusion of each session all driver's commit to changing one driving behaviour that has in the past exposed themselves and/or others to road trauma.

Streets Ahead are able to tailor programs to suit any company or government department. The preferred group size is 10 - 15.