Company Policies

The company policy must underpin and reinforce the overall fleet safety program. It is unreasonable to place expectations and demands on drivers without first justifying why the policy is necessary. Once staff understand and support the purpose of the policy, they are more likely to accept ownership of it, and therefore abide by its intended aim.

Fleet policies must recognise the safety of the employee as the number one priority. By adopting this approach, you will find that majority of corresponding costs associated with operating the fleet will diminish.

It is recommended that policies be formulated on a consultative basis in conjunction with staff, management and where necessary union representation. A Streets Ahead consultant will lead the group through each element of the policy development process. The facts relating to each issue raised will form part of the purpose or background for each section of the policy.

The finished product provides a valuable reference for staff. It details what is expected in relation to the use of fleet vehicles, as well as providing the framework necessary to make drivers more aware, more accountable and more responsible for the choices they make.