What is skills based driver training?

The proprietors of skills based courses make all types of outlandish claims about what their courses actually are. They tag them defensive driving courses, car control courses, driver awareness courses and driver survival courses, all of which simply cloud the fact that they deliver skills based programs.

The truth is that these businesses are acutely aware of the overwhelming body of evidence condemning their industry, but as long as the blind are prepared to be led by the blind, the financial prosperity of skills based training will continue to flourish.

And, because skidding cars is good television, the media will continue to add credibility and thus fertilise the ongoing success of what should be a condemned industry.

So how can you identify a skills based course from a legitimate road safety program? Well, there are a few obvious parallels unique to these providers:

1. A corporate name embracing the identity of a Racecar driver.

2. A course menu that includes advanced, high performance and motor racing courses.

3. An off road venue, in particular those operating courses at motor racing circuits.

4. Or simply ask, do they teach skid or emergency control skills, if they do keep looking.

Streets Ahead does have a few competitors who embrace similar philosophical approaches to driver training and road safety. And, although we consider ourselves both pioneers and leaders in a now rapidly evolving field, we nonetheless would prefer you compare apples with apples because sadly some of the lemons around will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

On this basis, we would be happy to be compared with Corporate Driver Training Australia (03 9532 2641), Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA - 03 9318 0044) and possibly the new Honda Australia Roadcraft Training (although we are not yet fully aware of the methodology used by Honda it is believed to be behavioural based).

To the best of our knowledge all of these providers have a genuine and researched approach to driver education and road safety. And, although they may not be as commonly recognised as the larger players in the field, they nonetheless should be regarded as the providers most likely to generate your desired result.

Having given our competitors a free plug, it is only fair to say that we consider ourselves Australia's leading driver education provider. We offer an exclusive and unique service that as yet is unmatched. This service is delivered by the most highly qualified road safety coaches in the country.

By all means, bounce your business of the rest, but land it back with the best.