Why do most skills based driver training companies have anecdotal evidence supporting their claims of success?

When do most companies decide to send their staff on a driver training program?

When the insurance premium lands on their desk and the bean counters go ballistic. That's right, after an uncharacteristically bad year. So what do these companies do? They put all their drivers through a driver training program, believing this will solve all their problems.

And, surprise, surprise the following year the claims rate returns back to normal, or regresses back to the mean, driver training is proclaimed a success, and more statistically insignificant anecdotal evidence is generated to support the claims of skills based driver training companies.

In effect driver training has achieved nothing as the cost of claims has merely returned to it's typical average. Then in three or four years time when another bad year emerges, the Fleet Manager goes back to the driver training provider for strategic advice. The provider naturally recommends that all staff should be sent through a refresher program - needless to say that the process just keeps repeating itself.