Will driver training reduce the number of crashes in your fleet?

Streets Ahead recommends that those responsible for the safety and well being of drivers must challenge the notion that mobility and morbidity are in some way intrinsically linked. The bar must be progressively lowered on behaviours that as a society we have come to accept, and at times admire (such as speed and fatigue).

The educated and researched approach to driver training provided by Streets Ahead should have a significant and lasting effect on the decision making process of company drivers. Our safety in a motor vehicle is not governed by what we can do (skill), indeed what is critical, is what we actually choose, or are motivated to do (behaviour).

All services are focused on encouraging drivers to choose safe options in an environment in which many attractive (time saving, excitement, sensation seeking) but less safe options beckon. Raising awareness and motivating drivers to choose more conservatively is unquestionably beneficial.

However, having blown the trumpet for driver training, it should be said that it is not, and should not be regarded as the exclusive answer to a poorly performing fleet. It is simply one of a matrix of strategies that can be used to influence and develop driver behaviour.

With this in mind, Streets Ahead are more than happy to provide advice and direction to customers wishing to introduce a more comprehensive fleet safety program. From policy development to incentive programs, crash investigation and targeted campaigns, we will provide all the support you need to get results and make a genuine road safety difference.

You - the customer, have a right to expect a positive return from your investment in driver education. Naturally, it is our responsibility to do what we can to see that you achieve your goal. At Streets Ahead we believe that this extends well beyond providing a stand-alone training service. It means we will work with you to ensure all the strategies that underpin and reinforce the effects of driver training are in place.